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Learn about the individuals who own and run Harrisburg’s businesses – from the small mom-and-pop shops to the larger chains – by clicking on the “Who’s The Boss?” tab. Dig in and discover some of the best independently owned and franchise restaurants around by clicking on “Foodies.”

The Monthly Special:
Green Bean Battle Inspires The Griffins

Just Outside The Loop enjoys profiling businesses, especially those that are locally operated, or owned by individuals who call Harrisburg home.

Click below to learn more
about the couple that runs Frozen Kups, an independently owned Fro-Yo shop in the School House Commons shopping center: https://justoutsidetheloop.com/2019/09/22/green-bean-struggle-inspires-fro-yo-business/

Quick Bites

Dave Damone, the owner of the
Rocky River Coffee Company.

Coffee Beans, Bagels
& Confections

The Rocky River Coffee Company is
Dave Damone’s childhood dream come true – but don’t mistake it for your typical coffee shop. Click here: www.justoutsidetheloop.com/2019/08/19/coffee-shop-is-a-childhood-dream-achieved-2.

Gourmet Seasonings, Bath Salts, And Essential Oils, Oh My

In addition to offering specialty items, Gift Innovations will soon be stocked with an assortment of handmade crafts and customized creations. Click here: https://justoutsidetheloop.com/2019/07/25/new-gift-shop-opens-doors-seeks-artisans/

Michele Webb inside her new shop, Gift Innovations.