Frank S. Costanza

Just Outside The Loop is the brainchild of Frank S. Costanza, a converted Yankee, and longtime Mets and Red Sox fan – it’s complicated – who has dedicated the past 20 years of his life to community journalism. His former newspaper, The Southampton Press Western Edition, is part of an award-winning weekly newspaper chain that includes and covers the eastern end of Long Island, New York.

Frank S. Costanza

He first learned of the lack of an online community sounding board shortly after moving to Harrisburg in 2018, when he was attempting to learn all he could about his new hometown.

“Upon relocating to Harrisburg, which my family just absolutely loves, I was somewhat astounded to learn that there were no dedicated resources to help us learn more about our new hometown,” said Frank, who earned his master’s degree in print journalism from Boston University. “Fortunately, an old high school friend who moved here two decades earlier was able to fill in some of the important gaps.

“But then I wondered how others like us—recent transplants drawn to this wonderful town—are going to know where to find the best fried chicken and pizza, where we can donate our old clothing and furniture, or the best places to take the kids on a Saturday afternoon.”

The seeds for Just Outside The Loop were planted then, and Frank has spent the past several months familiarizing himself with Harrisburg, its inhabitants and the policies that govern it. That investment of time and energy culminated with the recent launch of your new community website,