Bags In The ‘Burg Raises $11,500 For Hoffmann Family

George and Elisa Hoffmann of Harrisburg received a check for $11,500 on Wednesday morning from the organizers of the annual Bags in the ‘Burg Cornhole Tournament.

The donation will help pay for some of the family’s medical expenses. Ms. Hoffmann, now 50, suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and is now confined to a wheelchair. She was diagnosed at age 42 and, prior to falling ill, taught at Jay M. Robinson High School in Concord.

The donation represents the second largest amount ever raised by the fundraiser, organized by Dave Knorr of The Knorr Group of Alcova Mortgage and Duane Burnside of Burnside Pest Control. The cornhole tournament is cosponsored by the Harrisburg Business Network (HBN) and Harrisburg Town.

The 2014 event raised $12,100 for the Harrisburg Food Bank and Hickory Ridge Middle School, according to Mr. Knorr.

“On behalf of HBN and Bags in the ‘Burg, we were extremely proud to present the Hoffmann family with a check for $11,500,” he said. “I would personally like to thank everyone who played in the tournament, sponsored our event, or otherwise helped make it a success.”

“We also want to thank all our family members and friends who come out and help us each year as well,” Mr. Burnside added. “We are lucky to have so much help on the day of the event.”

Approximately 50 teams entered this year’s tournament, with TR Freeman and John Lamb of “The Bag Boys” taking home the first place trophies.

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