Welcome To The Neighborhood! (Now Get Busy Using Us!)

Hello there, Neighbor! And welcome to Just Outside The Loop, Harrisburg’s brand new and still hot-off-the-grill community website! We’re absolutely thrilled to be a part of this dynamic and growing town, and cannot wait to share with you news about upcoming events and community happenings.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first installment of “The 49 Grapevine,” a weekly column that will attempt to summarize – as concisely and as interesting as possible – various events and opportunities that should be on your radar for the coming week and, when appropriate, beyond.

We’re also here if you need a helping hand promoting a special event, such as an upcoming high school reunion, or simply want to let everyone know that a car wash fundraiser benefitting the local Boy Scout troop will be held this Sunday in the Publix parking lot.

Have a community news tidbit to share?
Please email us at justoutsidetheloop@gmail.com!

Perhaps you would like to brag about your daughter, who made the Honor Roll at Hickory Ridge High School, or your niece, who just graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Or maybe you just want to congratulate – and embarrass – your son on making the varsity football team, or wish your significant other a happy birthday or anniversary.

That’s what we are here for, and you’ll get bonus points if you include photos with your emails – so long as you also identify all parties in the pictures!

Got the skinny on an interesting rumor that your neighbors should also know about? Drop us a line and maybe – just maybe – we’ll share here after completing some due diligence. (Fair warning: We’re not ones to ignore juicy rumors!)

Confused? We hope not. In our minds the main purpose of “The 49 Grapevine” is to serve as a sandwich board of sorts for the Harrisburg community – and y’all are in charge of the chalk!

Just let us know what’s going on, when it is going down, and briefly explain why everyone else will care. Then email that information to justoutsidetheloop@gmail.com; please make sure you type “49 Grapevine” in the subject header.

It’s that simple.

We hope to hear from you real soon. Please don’t be a stranger!

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