Vote On Housing Development Now Set For August 12

The Harrisburg Town Council is expected to vote Monday, August 12, on an application that, if approved, clears the way for construction of a new subdivision off Stallings Road that could feature up to 157 single-family homes.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at Harrisburg Town Hall, 4100 Main Street.

The applicant, Shea Homes of Walnut, California, wants to develop almost 85.4 acres along the south side of Stallings Road, between Harrisburg Veterans Road and Bovine Lane. In order to do so, the builder must first secure the rezoning of five properties, totaling approximately 44 acres, from Rural Estate District (RE) to Residential Village – Conditional Zoning District (CZ-RV).

Called Camellia Gardens, the subdivision would feature lots measuring a minimum of 8,500 square feet, or roughly one-fifth of an acre, with widths ranging from 65 to 75 feet, according to the revised site plan (–Rezoning-Site-Plan-Revised?bidId=). The original site plan called for 165 houses.

The development would feature a mix of single- and two-story houses, with the former measuring at least 1,800 square feet and the latter at least 2,400 square feet. A provision states that the number of rental homes must be capped at 10 percent. 

Shea Homes wants to build 157 single-family homes off Stallings Road.

Shea Homes also wants to preserve 30 acres, or roughly 35 percent of the total property, as open space; presently, zoning only requires that 6.8 acres, or 8 percent of the land, be left as open space.

The town’s Planning and Zoning Board approved the conditional zoning request at its meeting on May 21. It also recommended approval to the Town Council.

According to the accompanying traffic study, which had to be revised this spring because the original version was completed on a holiday, both subdivision entrances are to be located on Stallings Road.

The first aligns with the current entrance/exit to Stallings Road Park. An eight-inch tall concrete median would be installed to prevent visitors from turning left into the park, and from turning left onto Stallings Road when exiting the facility. Those living in the new development would be able to turn right when entering and exiting the subdivision from the intersection, as per the revised study.

The town is also requiring the installation of an illuminated crosswalk, called a High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk, or HAWK, connecting Camellia Gardens and Stallings Road Park.

The second subdivision entrance would line up with new single-lane roundabout that also connects with Harrisburg Elementary School Drive. The road leading to the school would be shifted slightly to the south, so that it better aligns with the roundabout. A turning lane entering the elementary school from Stallings Road is required under the revised traffic study.

As part of its application, Shea Homes would finance the installation of a new traffic light at the intersection of Stallings and Hickory Ridge roads. The developer would also cover other road improvements, such as the repainting of lanes approaching the intersection of Stallings and Harrisburg Veterans roads, and has agreed to pay 25 percent of the cost, not to exceed $100,000, of the town’s planned improvements at the troublesome intersection of Robinson Church and Tom Query roads.

At the applicant’s request, July’s public hearing was recessed until the Town Council’s next meeting on Monday, August 12.

Council members plan to reopen the hearing at that time so they can accept new public comments, before closing it and moving to a formal vote.