Just Outside The Loop

Who We Are …

As our name suggests, we’re excellent storytellers with good senses of humor who think it is time for Harrisburg to have its own dedicated and community-focused website.

Unlike other sites that only cover our hometown when tragedy hits, Just Outside The Loop’s main focus will be on the individuals, organizations and destinations that make Harrisburg special.

We want to tell the stories of those running your favorite shops and restaurants, brag about the latest accomplishments of our neighbors and their children, and serve as a podium for those with important messages to share with our growing community.

We will also highlight critical neighborhood issues, as well as provide a comprehensive list of upcoming and special events, for our unique hometown that sits just off I-485, better known as “The Loop.”

And What We’re Not

We will NOT be another source for “breaking” news—crime, crashes, house fires and the like—and politics will be a taboo subject on Just Outside The Loop (save that banter for the dinner table).

But that does NOT mean we won’t cover Harrisburg Town Hall (we will!), or write about municipal issues affecting locals (we will!), or highlight the plights of our neighbors overcoming adversity (we will!).

We’re Just Outside The Loop by choice—meaning there are certain topics that we prefer not to focus our collective energy.

And we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy what we have to offer.